Ah, Vanity

I have been putting this off, but yesterday inquiring minds wanted to know, so here is the report on my bathroom vanity: it is installed. Sort of. This, the last piece before we consider construction on the house “complete,” not withstanding the shelf projects Lynn is cranking out and I am struggling with (I intellectualized […]

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As we discussed just yesterday, I can’t remember if I mentioned it to you or not, but downtown for the last month I have been surrounded by people sure that spring is just around the corner. Or maybe it’s less certainty than hope, but most of the people espousing this foolish belief have lived here […]

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I was several paragraphs along in today’s entry when it started to feel familiar. I used the surprisingly effective search feature for my blog and sure enough, I was covering, sometimes thought for thought, a topic I reviewed just over a year ago. So I will spare you the repeat. This occasionally happens as I’m […]

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Got Your Number

This morning I am wondering how we function without phone books. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not sure how we all manage to “reach out and touch someone” without a handy paper book listing all the phone numbers you might ever need, along with lots you’ll never need. When I woke up today I […]

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Lumbering Along

I am enjoying my new makers’ space on any number of levels, several of which I never even stopped to think about. Like, for instance, other people’s ineptitude. I am of an age now where I don’t have the same issues I once did around hiding my shortcomings from others. I pretty much walked in […]

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Living in Denver

Kids these days. They probably have no idea they’re missing out on what was a major rite of passage for people my age, back in the day. That would be the day of the stereo phonograph. When I was little, both my grandparents and parents, and probably every house on my block, had a “high […]

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