Snow Way

Per usual, our snow forecast for Tuesday-Wednesday was wrong. Per unusual, we got more snow than called for — more than double, in fact. We had a gen-u-wine December snowstorm Tuesday night. I took my trusty tape measure out to the hood of my truck and then to the deck, and in both places the […]

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May Flowers Bring . . .

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? While some veterans of old canards might think the answer is Pilgrims, around here I’m starting to think the true answer is: more winter than we had the first four months of this year. It is May 31, one day after Memorial Day, the […]

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When A Tree Falls

In case you were concerned, don’t be: the five drops of rain we’ve received have long been whisked away by the blistering, unrelenting wind. Our drought status remains secure. When these wacky scientists tell me about climate change, they focus on how warm it is going to get. They neglect to mention the wind. The […]

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Weather Blues

Well, so much for snowing all day. All of three days, in fact. I really don’t understand how the weather services, every last one of them, can be generally so accurate with their temperature predictions and so very far off on snow amounts. As late as Sunday we here in Gunnison were told to expect […]

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You know that White Christmas we all sing about? The one we really need for immediate ski resort economics and long-term drought issues? Well, it looks like Santa is going to deliver — right as people are trying to travel. Every day I check the 10-day forecast from Wunderground, and then, just to make sure, […]

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The Natural Order

I got my first snow shovel of the season in yesterday, which probably makes it sound like it snowed yesterday. Which it did, sort of, in lots of soggy fits and starts. The snow started before I got up, and CBS Denver — whose weather staff seems to love Crested Butte, based on their number […]

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