Blog of Days

Every day is the day I’m sure I’m going to finish the latest blog post I’ve started, and every day that just doesn’t happen. It is the second half of June, so I’m trying to cut myself some slack, but I find these days (these years) that I reflect back to the time in my […]

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Where the Wild Things Are

I don’t know how many robins hang around our yard; it could be just one very busy bird, or perhaps it’s entire swarms that put in their appearance one bird at a time. Either way, a robin is a bird I recognize easily — a plus for my nascent bird-watching hobby. As hobbies go, it […]

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An Uninvited Guest

As a sophomore in high school, I almost flunked my first semester of biology because I just couldn’t bring myself to undertake the requisite insect collection. Every freshman graduate knew this assignment was coming, and the dedicated sophomores-to-be started their collections even before the school year. I tried to be one of those students, but […]

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When A Tree Falls

In case you were concerned, don’t be: the five drops of rain we’ve received have long been whisked away by the blistering, unrelenting wind. Our drought status remains secure. When these wacky scientists tell me about climate change, they focus on how warm it is going to get. They neglect to mention the wind. The […]

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Treemendously Deer

It’s a darn good thing I talk to my neighbors when I see them, so I know what’s going on and am not as surprised as I could be when men knock on my door wanting to know where I want the trees I haven’t ordered. This was back in March, and I knew Lynn […]

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Irish Spring, Scottish Summer

You have no idea how many posts I write in my head these days, nor even of the several that get put on the 21st-century equivalent of paper that don’t get finished for various reasons, mostly time. At this point, I think I’ve regaled you on numerous topics I really haven’t. Maybe I’ll get there. […]

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The Wind and the Deer

I am learning, sort of, as I go through Life who I can and can’t argue with. I’m not learning this lesson well or quickly, but days out here at Riverwalk are often more instructive than I expect. For instance, you just can’t argue with the wind. You can try, but it’s rather like spitting […]

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For the Birds

I did not know preparing my cereal was going to take up all of my morning, emptying two boxes, opening a third and sweeping up the mess I made — and I still have to give some demanding plants some water. This post is hardly finished, but I’ve been AWOL a lot lately, and I […]

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A Hornets’ Nest

I was slogging and slogging (and slogging) through a post yesterday that would likely have been as painful for you to read as it was for me to write, when I gave up and headed out to work. I didn’t get very far, like driveway far, before I noticed some weird substance all over the […]

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Musings on the Mouse

I got derailed yesterday on the way to completing my post (definitely not making it into the Blogger Hall of Fame now), and this is why: I had a home invasion. Let’s not forget, I am here in the country, so you need to think differently when I say home invasion. And I suppose it […]

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