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As part of our House Math, we are (voluntarily) losing one bedroom when we shift locations. [House Math, addressed many moons ago, is the perplexion (shouldn’t that be a word?) whereby we go from 1,600 square feet to slightly more than 1,700 and can’t fit anything we own.] Currently, we live in a house with […]

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My sister Terri used to tell people that I had an “organized mess” in my living space, and this was a term a lot of people thought of as an oxymoron, or perhaps an impossibility. But it’s true, or it used to be: I could generally find whatever I was looking for in among my […]

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Those of us who live in Colorado have somewhat of an identity crisis. We know where we live: Colorado. We probably know why we live here, and those reasons are too varied to put at the end of a sentence. But we may not know what to call ourselves. Some of us think we are […]

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Never Summer

So it is May 18 and it is — again — snowing. I’m pretty sure we’re all over the “we need the moisture” mantra, and I’m also pretty sure we don’t, at this moment, need the moisture. I am watching snowflakes drift down at a good clip with a cat ensconced on my lap and […]

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Out With a Bang

Apparently I forgot to “publish” this. Sorry for the delay. It might give you a wrong impression if I were to tell you Lynn is a Big Banger, but it feels like this is true. I suppose it would be more accurate, but not as fun, to simply say that Lynn is a fan of […]

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I don’t know if it’s with the same frenzy as paint, mostly because there’s no local store to go stand in front of a display and then buy little samples, but Lynn and I have been consumed by floor issues for the last couple of weeks. Here is another large difference between paint and flooring: […]

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Send in the Clones

There are just more things going on in my life than I have time to manage, so many that I’m not even sure which way to turn. Here, I guess, where you get (once again) to listen to a litany of complaints. I spent two hours yesterday when I should have been working meeting with […]

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At one point in her life, my mom lived in Montrose, just 60 miles to the west of Gunnison. As she has done most of her life, she was hosting everyone for the holidays one year. I don’t really recall the mechanics of it, because I was the only one living here, but somehow Tia […]

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Spinning Wheels

I am trying to do too many things this morning, and getting pretty much nowhere with any of it — and it’s all depressing me. And I’ve barely made it out of bed — what does this portend for the rest of the day? Maybe the Boomtown Rats were right when they sang “I Don’t […]

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Road Trip

Having my sister closer to hand may be more work than I was expecting. Tia, you may recall, has taken a job as the business manager for the Gunnison school district, but her family is not moving to Gunnison until after her son graduates high school, just about a year from now. So she is […]

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